Following yesterdays second Free Data Day from Telstra, in recompense for continuing network issues, the telco has come out with some fairly interesting metrics.

According to Telstra, the telco set an all new network record for the amount of data downloaded following the first Free Data Day in February this year, which saw their customers download 1841 terabytes of data in a 24 hour period. Yesterday Telstra customers managed to suck down a whopping 2686 terabytes of data in the 24 hour period – 25 hours in markets where daylight savings ended.


For the statisticians amongst you that’s a 46% increase over their previous record. It wasn’t all good news however, as we reported yesterday, some users experienced slower than normal speeds and greatly reduced data network usability. Telstra loosely acknowledged the issue whilst claiming the network as a whole held up to the test, “We are also glad to see the underlying strength of the network demonstrated despite a few hot spots where heavy users caused localised congestion”.

Their comment places responsibility for the poor performance at the feet of “users”, reading between the lines there have been multiple people claiming very significant amounts of data transfer yesterday and if multiple such individuals were in a similar area it would not be difficult for this to significantly affect performance on that node. It seems Telstra’s placing responsibility for the network throttling on these users.

Even before the free data day some users and commentators were criticising the move as they feared this exact happenstance, a paying user who did not contribute to the heavy use who then had their ‘normal’ network performance impacted was actually worse off due to the ‘recompense’. Many of these same people have suggested that instead of a single day free for all perhaps a temporary increase in monthly data allowance would have been a better alternative?

Regardless of where we all stand on this situation it may be safe to assume that Telstra won’t be offering these Free Data Days again, between the cost of providing the data and the negative press it’s likely that Telstra may look for other ways to compensate users in the future.

If you were Telstra and we’re in this position again what would you do? Let us know below.

Source: Telstra.
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Also set a new PB for having a phone and data outage where I work (Northside of Melbourne CBD) within 10 hours of the free data day finishing…


“We are also glad to see the underlying strength of the network
demonstrated despite a few hot spots where heavy users caused localised

Just like how Telstra claimed that the last outage mainly affected VIC and TAS customers, and yet Whirlpool was full of posts from people in other states experiencing issues. You can’t believe anything this company says.