Monday , February 19 2018

Stronger, brighter and more consistent: Google’s Play app icons get a refresh

Google Play Logo

Google has announced updates to all of their “Play” app icons, bringing a consistent design that brings the Play brand out more across the whole line up.

The “Play” brand is the heart of Google’s Android apps, services and content experiences. It’s attached to all of their content services from Movies and TV to Music, Games, Books and Newsstand. The new icons keep the individual colour palettes attached to each service – perhaps amping up the vibrancy of those colours – but place the service-specific icons inside a larger play symbol.


Google’s also released a neat animation grouping all the services together.

Google Play_New Logos

For comparison’s sake, here’s the old icons:


This is the second refresh to the Play icons since Google launched the brand and its related services. As with all redesigns you can expect the internet to divide itself over the change. Spoiler: some dislike it, some like it, many don’t care, and many may not even notice.

Where do you stand on the look and feel of the new icons? Let us know below.

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Ausdroid Reader

I think it looks good!

Ausdroid Reader

I approve, for what it’s worth. It makes sense for Google to maintain a consistent theme between its offerings under the ‘Play’ banner. I’m probably more surprised that they’ve been so disparate up ’til now. Are we likely to see a similar approach being taken with their non-Play apps?

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