Google Search
If you’re a parent then you’ll probably have been through the game of what sound does the … make? It’s part of growing up, and Google has made it a little easier for a few animals that you either don’t know or have trouble making the sounds for.

If you perform a google search for ‘cow sound‘ or ‘what noise does a cow make?‘ or any one of what appears to be 19 animals, which also includes sounds for tiger, lion, elephant, zebra, ape, sheep, duck, rooster, turkey, owl, cat, pig, cow, dog, moose, raccoon, horse and whales (both bowhead and humpback, you’re presented with a colourful search box with a link to an mp3 of that animals call.

The search works on both mobile and desktop, with the search result a box you can swipe through or use your cursor to select the next in the series.

The link is to an MP3 file, which is nicely compressed so the file plays back almost instantly on your system. It also means they’ll play in any HTML 5 browser so it’s highly accessible.

Give it a try and see what you think next time you’re stuck for what sound a zebra makes.

Source: Google.
Via: Google Operating System Blog.