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Google began refining their reminders function last year, after a drawn out period where they began to get a little disjointed with reminders appearing in Keep, Calendar and all over the shop. But it was only on mobile. From today, Google is now offering all the reminder functions on Google Calendar on the web.

The reminders from across all your Google apps, including reminders you create in Inbox, Google Keep or even those reminders you add from the Google Search app, are shown in Calendar on the web, just like you’ve seen on mobile.

Just like on mobile, the reminders stick around, switching over to the next day if you fail to complete them – it’s sort of like that nagging feeling you forgot something, now you just load your calendar and you find out what it is.

Reminders in Google Calendar come to the web

Lastly, you can rest assured that anything on mobile is now on desktop, and vice versa, it means you’re always going to be reminded of that job, or task you had to do. Making sure you remember to buy milk before you need to make coffee the next morning.

This functionality isn’t limited to Android, Google is also rolling it out to iOS users as well.

Source: Gmail blog.
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    Max Luong

    Now, if only they would sync the dismissal of a reminder across devices…


    I’m not seeing them yet. Did you have to do anything special or is it a staggered release?


    Same, I am not seeing them either.

    Daniel Tyson

    Slow rollout. You should be seeing them by the end of the week.


    Now, if they can just add Android Wear alarms as a notification option for calendar entries, the world would be a good and happy place!