With customer confidence in Australia’s largest carrier shaky at the moment after several major outages, the smaller carriers have already begun offering deals hoping to tempt new customers. Today Optus is adding a reason to switch, or at least try their service, offering customers with a new contract, 30 days of access with Optus paying the bill.

The deal applies to customers signing up to a new postpaid service, as well as existing Optus customers who sign up for an additional Optus postpaid mobile service. Optus will pick up the bill – which includes both access fees and handset repayments – for the first 30 days. The only rider is if you go over your allocated data, calls etc. included in the contract, you’ll have to pay for those.

If you don’t like the service you can simply contact Optus in the 30-day period to tell them to cancel the service, return the handset and move on.

Ben White, Managing Director of Marketing and Product at Optus said:

It’s a great time for customers to join up and see what Optus has to offer. Thirty days gives customers time to enjoy their new phone and our generous data inclusions on the Optus mobile network, with the added reassurance that they won’t have to pay any additional handset repayments or plan cancellation fees if they return their handset and let us know they want to move on.

The Optus deal is a slightly better version of Vodafone’s Network Happiness Guarantee which also allows customers to trial their network for 30 days, but the customer does pay, pro-rata, for whatever service they use.

The deal runs from today until the 9th May, for any new 24 month contract, both My Plan Plus or My Plan Business plans,

Source: Optus.
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    vijay alapati

    nice, tempted to get into a plan, but i’m happy using prepaid 🙂