Boost Juice - Free the fruit Game
Boost Juice, the company behind the fresh fruit juice bars at shopping malls across Australia has gotten further into mobile apps. Moving on from their Boost Juice app which allows you to track your loyalty points, or even order a juice, they’ve launched a game – and you can win free Boost Juice stuff!

The game is called Free the Fruit, and the concept and story are fairly simple. In the game, players have to help Mango Man on his quest to free fruit from all the Boost stores as the company is kidnapping all of his pals!

To play the game, players swipe fruit – no, not Fruit Ninja style, just swipe them – on the screen to try and match all 3 or more types of fruit in a row. Players have to complete the outlined fruit objectives in which they would then battle the “fruitnapper” to free the fruit from the store to reach the next level.

Once enough fruit has been freed, players would then be faced with what Boost is calling the “Ultimate Sacrifice” with players having to decide whether to keep the fruit as they are or to blend them to win a Boost voucher.

By blending the fruit, you go in the chance to win one or more of the 3 million vouchers up for grabs. Prizes include protein balls, discounts off your order or a free Boost! The more fruit chillin’ in your blender, the better the voucher. Also, If you blend big you have the chance of winning a Free Boost and with thousands on offer each day the chances are high. Just show your winning voucher at any Boost store to claim your prize!

Free the fruit is available to download for free from both Google Play (ok, it’s on iOS too), so if you want to check it out, head over and install it now.

Boost Juice Free The Fruit
Boost Juice Free The Fruit
Developer: Retail Zoo Pty Ltd
Price: To be announced
Source: Boost Juice - Free the Fruit Game.