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It’s getting down to crunch time for HTC. Their April 12th launch day is fast approaching and the HTC 10 will be unveiled. Today HTC is talking about their obsession with the camera on the HTC 10.

The video release takes you through all the different use cases you use your phone in, showing off the phone being used in a variety of settings that would require specific settings: Low-light, action, portraits, landscape photos etc. and if the shots in the video below are inserts from a HTC 10 they look pretty good.

HTC has a lot of ground to make up this year, with the HTC One M9 not performing to most peoples expectations. This time around, HTC are telling us they’re obsessed. We’ll find out more on April 12th, tune in for the big reveal.

Source: HTC YouTube.
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    HTC are certainly going about loosing customers the right way. I am sure I am not the only one who was looking for a new phone. If HTC had released their specifications even though they had not launched the product, I might have been persuaded to stay with HTC. Instead, they decided to go down this drip feed rubbish. As a result, I decided to get a Nexus 6P instead. So HTC have lost one very loyal customer (all my previous phones have been HTC starting with the original Desire). And if there are others like me, then HTC have… Read more »


    Eh the leaked specs have been out for months. If you really wanted this phone you could have done the research. Deep down you just wanted the 6P more.


    Maybe you are right. But at the back of my mind, I was worried about the survival of HTC. Will they survive? Will I get updates? And most importantly, will I get support? However, now that I have the 6P, I must admit I do miss the HTC Apps that simply worked. For example, I have been nominated as the Team Manager for my son’s football team. With the HTC SMS App, I could send a message to a group. With Google’s Messenger App, I can’t. I had to purchase a GroupSMS App which I was happy to do.


    One more thing. As you say, the specs were leaked. They were not official. I have seen a lot of leaked specs not actually come to fruition. So I don’t actually believe leaked specs anymore.


    Seriously HTC. They are making the same mistake again. Over promising and under delivering has never been a good way to do business.

    If they were to show us something real not just hype I would take an interest and actually eagerly anticipate their phone.

    Show us a wicked fast autofocus in action.

    Show us amazing stabilization in action.

    Show us how the camera can pull in heaps of light in a dark environment.

    It’s more likely their camera can do none of those things well so instead they give us hype.


    At 0:29 in the video you can see ‘Ultra pixel’, ‘OIS’ and ‘High res 4k video’ written on a piece of paper.

    The Nexus 6P camera with OIS sounds good to me.

    Terrence Chin

    Maybe I will get this phone after all. I’ll give HTC some teaser pics of my wallet, then tell them what credit cards I have, or maybe just maybe I’ll pay with cold hard cash, then my credit card numbers one at a time and they can guess what the expiry date is.