LG Smart Diagnosis
This one just made it to my list of priorities next time I buy a fridge – LG has an app you can use to diagnose a problem with your Fridge, Dryer, Washer and more.

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a new release – in fact we’ve found references to it from back in 2013. But it’s still cool and if you’ve ever had a broken fridge, trying to describe the issue over the phone is a pain, so anything that helps get around that is deserving of attention.

The app, imaginatively called ‘LG Appliance Smart Diagnosis’ is available in Google Play and the app store, lets you diagnose what’s wrong with your appliances by letting the app listen to it. The app works with selected LG appliances that have a ‘Smart Diagnosis’ or ‘Tag On’ logo on them, allowing them to emit the necessary sound for the app to diagnose.

Once the app has listened to the sound, it can assess and diagnose the issue and then it’s time to call LG Customer Service who can offer solutions.

Let’s be clear, this is an old app and could do with an update. As it currently stands it looks like a Gingerbread era app mugged a Holo design – but again, cool factor: this thing listens and can tell you what’s wrong.

If you have a compatible LG appliance, it’s available now on Google Play (or the app store) for you to install if your appliance supports it.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: Google Play.
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    Brian Robinson

    Can I get it to diagnose and fix my LG G3 that stopped working and now I am told needs a new motherboard that they won’t fix under warranty because the LG mobile Pc suite software wiped my OS when it failed to update at 4%. It’s ok to diagnose but would be nicer to actually honour your warranty.

    vijay alapati

    I have samsung WM which also has a app, but you need to enter the code displayed on the screen to know what the actual prob is. Nothing new unless you love LG….. lol


    No need to diagnose a Samsung WM to know what the problem is, it’s most likely on fire anyway 😉

    vijay alapati