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If you’re looking for something to use your new Cardboard viewer on, Australian developer Odd But Awesome has released a new 2-minute cardboard experience called VR Whales Dream of Flying.

Otherworldly, surreal, dreamlike, it’s a weird landscape in this experience, and that’s just what’s happening in the background. The ride itself, which is actually a fairly sedately moving rollercoaster ride, gives you a sense of movement and actually managed to give me a bit of vertigo.

But even with that it’s good. The soundtrack actually encourages you to have a good look around and overall, it was actually pretty relaxing.

Virtual Reality is coming in a big way. Gone are the days of comically large headsets in arcades and now the home experience is here. The most basic is Google Cardboard, but it gives a good experience and this is the sort of demo you can sit someone on an office chair and give them a good idea of what it’s about at a most basic level.

The experience is available as a free 2-minute preview which you can check out and if you’re up for more, there’s a longer paid option.

The experience was developed in 3D using Unity, and there’s a couple of rough areas on some of the rendered birds flying overhead, but it works. It’s a good demo with a nice soundtrack that will have you wanting to hand over the extra couple of dollars to get the full experience.

VR Whales Dream of Flying FULL
VR Whales Dream of Flying FULL
Source: Google Play.

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Daniel Tyson

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