Saturday , August 18 2018

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If you’re looking for something to use your new Cardboard viewer on, Australian developer Odd But Awesome has released a new 2-minute cardboard experience called VR Whales Dream of Flying.

Otherworldly, surreal, dreamlike, it’s a weird landscape in this experience, and that’s just what’s happening in the background. The ride itself, which is actually a fairly sedately moving rollercoaster ride, gives you a sense of movement and actually managed to give me a bit of vertigo.

But even with that it’s good. The soundtrack actually encourages you to have a good look around and overall, it was actually pretty relaxing.

Virtual Reality is coming in a big way. Gone are the days of comically large headsets in arcades and now the home experience is here. The most basic is Google Cardboard, but it gives a good experience and this is the sort of demo you can sit someone on an office chair and give them a good idea of what it’s about at a most basic level.

The experience is available as a free 2-minute preview which you can check out and if you’re up for more, there’s a longer paid option.

The experience was developed in 3D using Unity, and there’s a couple of rough areas on some of the rendered birds flying overhead, but it works. It’s a good demo with a nice soundtrack that will have you wanting to hand over the extra couple of dollars to get the full experience.

Source: Google Play.

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