Following March’s field test of Pokemon Go in Japan, Niantic is heading down under to field test their forthcoming game in our part of the planet.

A brief update on the company’s blog states that The Pokemon Company and Niantic are inviting users to field test the game in Australia and New Zealand and directs users to sign up at Niantic’s Pokemon Go site.

It’s not known when the field test will commence, but last month’s timing saw an announcement at the start of the month followed by the field test running later in the month. Hopefully that’ll happen here too – and of course we’re all looking forward to seeing which Pokemon is hiding under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Pokemon Go’s Japanese field test last month lead to a number of revelations about the game’s play style and elements. Niantic also showed off a look at the game soon after.

Niantic is the formerly-Google-owned company behind the Alternate Reality game Ingress, which will also be returning to Australia on June 25 for an Aegis Nova XM Anomaly event in Sydney. The company split from Google last year (but they’re still friends) and has received funding from a number of sources, including Nintendo.

Will you sign up for the Pokemon Go AU/NZ field test? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Niantic Blog.
Thanks: +Onel Benjamin.
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Dean Rosolen

Signed up. I don’t even have Ingress so I’m not sure how I’ll fare when it comes to selections.

Phillip Molly Malone

Who knows but I could see that not being an issue as I could see them wanting a mix of experience Ingress players and non-experienced players as lets face it, if its as popular as they hope, most folks will be non-Ingress players so they need to see if it makes sense and they can work out how to play it as well!

(Feel I didn’t explain that well but hope you get the gist).

Darren Ferguson

Username is hidden in images so be very careful about sharing screenshots. I heard people losing their ingress account as well from leaking.


Signed up!
I wonder how much preference high level Ingress players will get?
I’m only level 3. 🙁
Still, I hope I’m chosen for the Field Test.

Phillip Molly Malone

Signed up already. Should be noted that the test will heavily be under NDA and from reports I’ve read, if you’re caught breaking the NDA, you will be kicked out. Also, the sign up page mentions progress will be deleted before go live and possibly during the test. So if you might be annoyed by a lot of work lost, this might not be for you!


deleted data is pretty common for preview and beta for other games it give everyone a fare base when the live game begins

Phillip Molly Malone

Makes a lot of sense, but some folks don’t read the rules and then get bent out of shape when there work is lost!