htc hero 2016

Just 24 hours before HTC is set to unveil their latest smartphone, a promotional video featuring the new device has leaked on the web for us all to see. We’ve seen photos, renders, mockups and more, and now we can see a video showing the evolution in design of the phone from basic beginnings.

The latest rumours indicate we’re looking at a 5.2″, Android 6.0 device from HTC, featuring a 12-megapixel Ultrapixel 2 sensor, powered by laser autofocus and an optically stabilised f/1.8 lens. Other inclusions appear to be a 3,000 mAh battery and Snapdragon 820 CPU.

About this time tomorrow night we’ll know an awful lot more, and as soon as we can, we’ll share the details with you. In the meantime, catch up on what we know already.

Does this video have you more excited for HTC’s upcoming HTC 10 device?

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Lee Hall

To me this phone looks sexy! I might just try HTC for the first time when my upgrade is due. I love that design on the back/edges.


Happy to see type C USB on board, micro USB needs to die & the sooner the better.


Actually looks pretty good so far. I’m still pretty skeptical HTC can do a decent camera though.


Guess what, we’ve seen 2001 and numerous 1980s razor commercials …..

Stephen Crisafulli

Well I hope the vive VR sells well cause if this is the their best phone then they have failed


I was hoping that they moved the power button. But it seems they kept it on the same side as the volume buttons


Yeah I can’t understand why they still keep doing this. At least the power button looks like it has a distinct texture compared to the volume buttons (not to mention most people will probably only use the finger print scanner now anyway).