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LG is really trying something different with their ‘Friends’ range of accessories they launched with the G5, of note are the modules that expand functionality of the phone simply by snapping into the base. For some though, the accessories like the LG 360 Cam, are the hottest thing we’ve come to see yet. LG has just released a quick look video at the accessory.

The video shows the basic functions of the camera, which include both video and still shot photos. The 360 Cam can also be controlled using the LG Friends Manager app, once you set it up in a 3-step process, or by the camera app on the LG G5. The 360 Cam also has a case which can double as a tripod.

LG hasn’t announced any release information for either the LG G5 or the Friends accessory in Australia, but it is available for pre-order in the US for $199USD (about $263AUD). We’re looking forward to this one, we’ll find out more about the launch in Australia later this month.

Side note, if LG don’t bust out a toy of the cat in these videos it’s a massive loss.

Source: LG Mobile Global YouTube.