If you’ve ever wanted to start a brew while sitting on the couch, Nespresso’s Prodigio & Milk machine is the machine for you.

The first machine is part of a new generation of smartphone connected coffee machines, which actually launched here back in February, is made by Breville, and is known as the Prodigio & Milk range.

The Breville Prodigio & Milk machine uses Bluetooth Smart technology to pair your Android (or iOS) device to the machine. Once paired to the machine you can kick off a brew whenever you feel like it using either the app, or if you’re in the room, just hit the buttons on the machine.

You can also schedule the machine to turn on and have a coffee waiting for you when you get to the kitchen in the morning. Of course that will mean pre-planning, ensuring that you have a pod in the machine and water in the reservoir – and of course you’ll have to add milk to your cup from the Aeroccino milk frother.

The app has several ‘intelligent’ features including reminders to descale (clean it out) the machine, as well as keeping an eye on the stock level of your pods with reminders to order more.

John Ciaglia, Commercial Manager at Nespresso said of the machine:

Innovation and convenience are core elements of the Nespresso business so we’re delighted to be able to announce the launch of our first connected machine. We like to continually surprise and delight our Club Members and the Prodigio&Milk offers them a unique, integrated way to enjoy their favourite Nespresso moments.

Spec wise, the Breville machine has 19 Bar Pump Pressure, with 3 programmed cup sizes – Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo. The machine auto powers off after 9 minutes if left unattended, but will heat up within 25 seconds if you want another cup. The machine will also eject the pod automatically for you.

The machine is available in Silver or Titan, and includes the Aeroccino milk frother on the side has an RRP of $399, however there are cashback deals available, with JB Hi-Fi listing it at $329 after cashback. The app is available for free on Google Play.

Developer: Nespresso
Price: Free
Source: Nespresso.
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    IoT Gone mad. Just like the Oral-B connected toothbrush, I simply don’t see the purpose of this machine. Descale? Big deal. Most coffee machine owners know they have to descale once a month at least. Stock? If you cannot look at your pantry and know you are running low on pods, you shouldn’t have a machine. And the worst part is, there are people out there who would readily pay $399 for a machine that makes no sense.

    Andrew Palozzo

    Im with you.. except the descaling once a month? That’s overkill right? I thought once every 6 months.

    Everything else makes no sense. Especially the part about installing a pod in advance.. i mean, if you’re using this machine, shouldn’t you run a quick rinse before using the pod.. and it takes like 20 seconds to make a coffee & froth milk… surely it’s faster to do it at the machine, then to launch the app etc…


    Hehe! I was wondering if anyone would pick up that faux pas … But I actually do descale once a month. Keeps the coffee tasting great.


    Suspect this is aimed at time poor / cash rich people. If their coffee machine can tell them they need more coffee, and it’s just a click or two to order more, then this will save them monitoring their stock in the pantry, and manually ordering more. Plus, it’s a talking point.

    Andrew Palozzo

    Yeah it’s prob more a talking point than anything else . like I said I have no idea how this saves you time if you have to load it with a pod anyway..

    I like Amazon’s wifi button approach loads more tbh…