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With Chromebook availability in Australia limited now with the demise of initial Chromebook launch partner Dick Smith, and the other Chromebook launch partner JB Hi-Fi no longer listing the devices on their website, Google has finally updated their Australian (and international) Chromebook site.

The site has links for news on Chromebooks – well, it’s a link to the Chrome blog saying that Chrome OS isn’t going anywhere – as well as links to resources for educators and corporate IT admins interested in converting their workplace to Chromebooks.

The site includes a device selector that can let you know which Chromebooks are available and which one is right for you. The devices are a little behind, with the Acer Chromebook R11 not listed, nor are Lenovo’s Chromebooks, or Dell’s. But it’s a decent resource. It also doesn’t offer input on where to buy actually buy a Chromebook (or Chromebox, ChromeBase or ChromeBit). For that, StaticIce is still probably your best friend.

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Google’s Chromebooks are doing quite well in the education market here in Australia and this could go a long way to helping people trying to find out which one is right for them. Head over and check it out.

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Via: Android Central.
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    TheBagging Man

    Its pretty disgusting that its so hard to buy a decent Chromebook.


    they’re clearly showing what they think of the australian market for chromebooks in their site. that much hasn’t changed.


    I couldn’t figure out how to buy from that website. The buy now button doesn’t do what it says. Ended up buying the 2015 Toshiba Chromebook 2 from B&H.

    Daniel Tyson

    It’s a pretty decent machine. It’s getting quite hard to recommend a Chromebook with the hoops people have to go through to get one in Australia. But I still love mine.


    This will be the 4th Chromebook in our home. My wife and kids use them for browsing, homework, YouTube, socialising, etc. I have not done any maintenance on any of them. They are just so reliable!