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Just a week after bringing reminders to the desktop (they’re live now), Google has shown they’re trying to really slot everything into your life. Google is today adding Goals to your calendar, allowing you to tell Calendar what you want to do, and letting Calendar find a way to do it.

Goals aren’t about fulfilling a specific thing at a time, they’re about achieving something but at a non-formal time. Goals can be things like ‘Work out more’ and you can schedule how often you want to actually do that. Goals can be easily deferred, or if you schedule something in for when Calendar has scheduled time to achieve your goal, it will reschedule time for you to achieve your goal.

The full list of Goals in includes five categories for you can create a reminder under in the app including: Exercise, Build a Skill, Family and Friends, Me Time or Organise Your Life. There’s suggested options under each or you can add a customised goal of your own under each heading.

The introduction of Goals ties in with the 10th birthday for Google Calendar (? ? ?). The concept is simple, as are most of the updates we get here and is heading to Android and iOS. In fact as this appeared an update notification appeared in Google Play, and it suggested adding a goal first up when loaded.

As usual, Google has created a promo video to show off the feature and it has a sloth in it people. A SLOTH!

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