Oppo’s vanilla Android builds for their phones, announced last year as ‘Project Spectrum’ has today been extended to the Oppo R7 which is currently on-sale in Australia.

The new build for the Oppo R7 is targeted at the R7 ‘g’ model which is sold in Australia as opposed to the R7 ‘f’ model, so you can flash the build to the Australian model sold at retail through Dick Smith (well, if you can find one) and on contract through Optus.

The Project Spectrum build is based on Android 6.0 which includes all the great stock features such as Doze and Now On Tap, but also custom Oppo features like their camera and Gestures. The complete list of new features includes:

  1. Screen-off Gestures:
    Currently there are two supported screen-off gesture, double tap to wake up/turn off the screen and draw a circle to open the camera app. They are turned off by default, to use it please enable it in Settings -> Accessibility -> Screen-off gestures
  2. ColorOS Camera
    Currently the ColorOS camera is supporting the following plugins: Beautify, Filters, Panorama, HDR, GIF, Double exposure and Expert Mode
  3. ColorOS Photos App
    The ColorOS Photos app is a simplified version from ColorOS but with key features needed to work properly with the Camera App
  4. Carefully Selected Wallpapers
    We’ve carefully selected some beautiful wallpapers from ColorOS as preset wallpapers for you
  5. VOOC Flash Charge
    This version support VOOC flash charge but there is not icon displayed in status bar
  6. Doze Mode
    The Android M doze mode helps improve battery performance during standby which ensures better battery life
  7. Now On Tap
    Android M allows you to search whenever you want, in any interface tap and hold the software home button (needs to be enabled in display settings) to search for related info.
  8. New Launcher
    The new Android M launcher enables you to find apps with a scroll bar, which highlights the app starting with a specific letter

There’s some differences in the build though, enabling the task manager is now done by double tapping the home button, you can take screen shots by holding down Power + Volume Down for 2 seconds and you can enable software keys in Settings (Display > Use Software Keys).

Oppo recommends you do a backup of your device using the Backup and Restore app or Titanium Backup, depending on if you wish to go back to ColorOS as installing Project Spectrum will wipe your device.

To download the Project Spectrum ROM for your Oppo R7, head over to the Oppo Support Forum for Project Spectrum and check out the instructions and the link to the download.

Source: Oppo.