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Google has this morning introduced a new case option for the Nexus 5X and 6P Snap Case this morning, but before you rush to start designing your own they’re only available in the US.

Called Live Cases, the design allows you to customise the case with a with a favourite photo or map.

The customised case also comes with a fancy live wallpaper made of snaps you upload from Google Photos, which you can use to sap your battery jazz up your home screen. You can even add to the live wallpaper over time by tapping a shortcut button on the back of the Snap case.

Of course if you’re not feeling particularly artistic, internet celebrity Marques Brownlee of YouTube channel MKBHD, photographers Colby Brown and Dan Rubin, fashion brand Roxx and even Dog documentary The Dogist, have created designs for you to check out.


We can’t get them here in Australia, but we can live in hope. If you want to check it out you can admire the ‘Not Available’ button on the Google Store right here.

Source: Google StoreOfficial Android Blog.