LG G5 - Colours
LG’s G5 handset which has yet to launch here in Australia has a nifty trick, which will make you really want to grab that LG 360 CAM Friend when it launches – letting you use the 360° images as wallpaper on your phone.

In an announcement today, LG has advised they will start offering beautifully shot 360° land and cityscapes, which can be ‘set (as) spherical images as the background’, for download through the LG SmartWorld app on your phone. Going further, LG have also advised that the LG 360 CAM can also capture spherical photos that can be used as wallpapers on the G5.

LG will make 12 professionally shot images available through the LG SmartWorld app, with 4 new images added each month from May to November.

Chris Yie, vice president and head of marketing communications for LG Mobile Communications Company said of the announcement:

The G5 is designed to deliver a playful mobile experience to customers and 360-degree imagery is a key part of that experience. 360-degree photography is still in its early stages but we believe it will drive adoption of VR innovation in the mobile space.

The Australian launch of the LG G5 shouldn’t be too far away with a media event scheduled for later this month. We look forward to getting more time with the G5 and its innovative modular design very soon, until then you can check out camera samples and a more in-depth look at the launch of the LG G5 at Mobile World Congress here.

Source: LG.