+ Thursday January 30th, 2020

Virgin Mobile has been working on their data offerings for a while, offering rollover options for unused data to their customers on post-paid plans. Now they want to offer all mobile users a new way to utilise their rollover data: Bidding for goods.

Starting today, mobile users (yes, from any network) on a post-paid plan can head to the Virgin Mobile Facebook page, where goods are going to be offered up for auction. To bid you won’t need cash, just input how much unused data you had left at the end of your last billing cycle.

The person who ‘bids’ the highest amount of unused data by the end of the auction that day wins. If there’s multiple people with the same amount, the old adage of ‘first in, best dressed’ applies (First bidder wins). If your bid doesn’t win, you can bid on another item the next day etc.

Virgin Mobile will double check your unused data amount and whether you’re on post or pre-paid via private message. They also reserve the right in their Terms and Conditions to withhold prizes if they can’t verify that information.

The reasons to bid are actually pretty good with a ton of prizes on offer including the major prize which is a trip for two people to Wadigi Island in Fiji, valued at up to AU$43,000. The prize includes two return economy airfares to Wadigi Island and seven nights accommodation at Wadigi Island.

Philippa Durant, Head of Brand & Customer Marketing at Virgin Mobile Australia, said:

Terabytes upon terabytes of unused mobile data are being taken back from consumers every month by other telcos. At Virgin Mobile we don’t think it’s fair that something they’ve paid for is snatched away – they should get a second chance to use it and what better way than through a unique auction that offers the opportunity to live like Sir Richard Branson on your own private island.

The auctions run for the next 30 days until the 15th of May with each auction lasting an hour between 7pm and 8pm AEST. If you want to have a go head over later tonight and check it out.

Source: Virgin Mobile Facebook.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Russell Fletcher
Ausdroid Reader

novel idea, feels like the validation of peoples bids is going to be a head ache.
i think i will have to wait until the end of this billing cycle to play along, as i don’t think my 44MB is going to get me far.
Given that, its unlikely i will be at the top of their list for follow up calls to switch Telcos.

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