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The 2016 V8 Supercars season is in full swing, and Volvo as a relatively new entrant into the series is drumming up support. To aid in on-boarding new fans, Volvo has released Välkommen by Volvo, an interesting app which gives you a second screen experience and a virtual drive in a V8 supercar.

The word Välkommen means welcome in Swedish, and embodies the message which Volvo wants to convey to new Volvo V8 Supercar fans.

The Välkommen by Volvo app itself is an interesting one, syncing a video of a hot lap of the Bathurst race track by Volvo driver Scott Mclauglin to a virtual game on your mobile device.

The app isn’t all inclusive, you need a second screen – an internet connected TV with a browser, or a PC with speakers – to load up the Volvo home page and play the video on there to activate the hot lap in the app. Once in the app, select ‘Full Lap’ and it listens for the video to play. Once playing, the app uses audio triggers from the video to compare braking, accelerating and turning on the mobile device to those performed by Scott on his hot lap and then slots users into a virtual leaderboard.

The virtual leaderboard is the key here with Volvo giving away a pool of prizes which includes 8 remote control V8 Supercars worth $181, as well as a major prize of Scott McLauhlin’s Volvo V60 Polestar, which with CTP, rego, dealer fees and insurance is worth a whopping $87,000.

The competition runs from the 8th of April until the 17th of November, so there’s plenty of time to practice.

Kevin McCann, Managing Director of Volvo Car Australia said of the app

We’re tapping into the excitement of V8 Supercars in a unique way that will appeal to fans on and off the track. With his speed and technique on the race track, Scott McLaughlin is the perfect fit for Välkommen by Volvo. Scott is also very tech savvy, and has a big social media following, which fits nicely with our marketing strategy for
Välkommen by Volvo.

The Välkommen By Volvo app is available to download for devices running Android 4.1 and above for free from Google Play right now.

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