Aldi Mobile has started transitioning their customers to 4G as of this month, with an official launch set for the 28th of April according to their New Plan website.

The new range of ‘Value Packs’ which Aldi calls their plans, are being released to co-incide with the 4G launch. The Value Packs are being offered in S, M, L, XL and XXL options, ranging in price from $15 to $45 per month. Data is no longer split between week or weekend data buckets, with one pool of data allocated to each value pack.

The Value Packs are updates on existing plans, with the new S and M packs getting increased data, as well as unlimited SMS and MMS. L, XL and XXL plans will also get unlimited SMS/MMS as well as more standard national calls, while XL/XXL Packs get more international minutes if you need to call overseas.

For convenience you can see the comparison between old and new plans here:

Data Packs may be a sticking point for heavy data users under this new arrangement. Under the new plans, data packs can be added to each plan in 1GB blocks for $10 each, up to a maximum of 5 packs. Previously data packs were sold in 1GB, 4GB or 6GB packs for $15, $30 or $50 – so while lower end data users are better off, larger consumers are not so lucky.

The new plans go into effect on the 28th of April, so plans recharged before then stay the same. Aldi says if you are on the Old S or Old L Value Packs, there will be no change to your Pack and if you auto-recharge before the 28th of April you will get current plan inclusions but any recharges after that date transition to new packs. One last tip, if you do change to a new plan you will no longer be able to buy the older value packs.

If you want to view the new plans, check out the Aldi Mobile New Plans website now.

Source: Aldi.
Thanks: +Forest Lake.
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    Nic Harding

    From what I understand Aldi will be using Telstra’s 4G network 900/1800 Mhz (100Mbps capped) and has not got access to its 4GX network. When 4G is not available and the connection drops to 3G will Aldi have access to Telstra full 3G network 850/2100 Mhz up to HSPA+ speed where available?

    Phill Edwards

    That’s a bit disappointing, actually. My XL plan used to give me an extra 1GB every weekend. That’s been taken away and compensated by only 1GB extra for the whole month.