Google Tips
Google likes to make things easy, they provide a number of products to help, but learning to use them all can be a chore. Google has been updating their ‘tips’ site for some time and now the list of tips has hit 170, so if you’re bored this weekend, it may benefit you to check them out.

The list of tips cross five categories: Do more, Save time, Online Safety, Ask Google and Improve Access. The tips cover 20 Google Products, ranging from the broader products like Chrome and Android to individual products like Maps, Gmail, Translate and more.

The tips are laid out in a really nice HTML 5 page, which is highly responsive on desktop with cards sliding all over the place, and swiping around on mobile.

There’s a lot of tips and tricks to learn ranging from the basics, like how to change the wallpaper on your Android phone, to more advanced topics like how to properly secure your Android account. There’s even a tip on adding your friends, families and colleagues correct details to contacts so you can instantly find their house or business on Google Maps.

It’s a great site and Google is adding to it all the time, so check it out.

Source: Google Tips.