Optus has today announced that they will continue supplying wholesale mobile coverage to Dodo, iPrimus and Commander as part of a deal brokered with Vocus Communications Limited.

The three year deal is an extension of an existing 11-year relationship that Optus started with the M2 Group, who after a series of mergers is now known as Vocus Communications Limited.

Vocus Communications Limited, is the company behind the ISP and Mobile telecoms providers Dodo and iPrimus in Australia, as well as a range of other companies who will also utilise the Optus wholesale services such as SMB telecomms company Commander.

Optus Wholesale Managing Director Rob Parcell said the deal was a terrific win for Optus Wholesale. He also spoke about the upgrades that Optus has made to the network over the last 10 years, with Mr Parcell announcing they had invested ‘more than $1 billion annually’ in the network. This investment, Mr Parcell said has shown postitive results with ‘an uptick in positive customer sentiment.

Mr Parcell is hoping to grow Optus’ wholesale business, which Optus claims is Australia’s largest already, even more.

If you’re an iPrimus or Dodo customer, you can expect to see the same Optus coverage over the next 3 years, though with a billion dollars added in annually previously, there could be significant improvements coming.

Source: Optus.