Motorolas upcoming Moto G 2016 appears set for a dual-launch with the rumoured G4 Plus seeing more solid information coming to light.

The Moto G4 Plus surfaced last week thanks to internet leaker Evan Blass who posted a picture of what he called the Moto G4 Plus. The picture showed a front mounted button which is being taken to be a fingerprint sensor, and in a new leak from, the front mounted fingerprint also appears, as does a new camera setup on the rear:

As you can see, the squared off button is centre mounted on the front of the phone, with the display ending just above it. On the left of the sensor you can see a microphone port.

The rear of the phone shows a new setup for Motorola with a couple of sensors (perhaps laser auto-focus?) mounted above the camera lens. Below the lens is what seems to be a dual-LED flash, just above the familiar Moto dimple with the iconic batwing logo still sitting on the back.

Spec wise, it’s that camera that will apparently be the differentiator between the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus, with a 13MP sensor apparently inside the Moto G4 and a 16MP sensor included with the G4 Plus. Pricing is speculated to be mid-range, at 240Euro for the Moto G4 and 280Euro for the Moto G4 Plus:

Motorola is about due to announce a new Moto G in around July going by previous years. When we see a release here in Australia is anyones guess, with Motorola’s last few launches delayed by lack of stock in retails stores. Nevertheless, they have consistently delivered a fantastic handset time and time again, so we’re hoping for good things again this year.

Via: Android Central.