Since announcing support for 360° videos last year, YouTube has become one of the best sources for viewing these videos on the web. Today Google has launched the next step on the 360° video journey: 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio support.

Google has added support for live streaming 360-degree video to YouTube as a response for the growing amount of cameras which support the new format. As well as offering everyday users the option to stream 360-degree video, they’re also going to be ‘live streaming select artist performances in 360 degrees this weekend’ from Coachella.

The music from a concert will also be much better when you can hear sound coming from the right place. This is where spatial audio comes into play.

Google is launching spatial audio for ‘on-demand YouTube videos’ from today, allowing you to watch a concert immersed in the music like you would at a concert – basically the music will actually sound like it’s coming from the left/right, above/below, in front/behind you. Google has created a playlist for you to try out on your Android tablet or phone to really test out what spatial audio means.

The technology for live streaming in 360-degrees and spatial audio is thanks to partnering with VideoStitch and Two Big Ears. Google hopes to build on these partnerships in the future to bring both technologies and more to everyone.

So, whether it’s watching the Blue Angels soar through the sky, or watching a concert, YouTube is getting better and better when it comes to 360-degree video. Grab your Cardboard headset and settle in, it’s getting awesome.

Source: YouTube Blog.