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Looking for a great deal this week? Relax, the Google Play App and Game Deals of the week have been updated again, offering an app and a game for just 20c each. This week we get AVP: Evolution and Weather 14 days Ad Free.

Google Play App Deal of the Week

Weather 14 days Ad Free
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Weather 14 days Ad Free is the app deal of the week this week, offering you an ad-free version of their weather app.

The app offers you the option to track and display weather for locations, with over 250,000 to choose from across the globe, with options to pinpoint your exact location using GPS or WiFi. The app is from the UK and unfortunately doesn’t use the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) data that other Australian apps like Pocket Weather uses, but it looks pretty decent.

The app appears to have a decent design from the screenshots, with a lot of information included across the apps 14 day forecast, including temperature, rainfall, humidity, pressure, wind speed and direction as well as sunrise and sunset times and even the phase of the moon.

It looks alright, but is missing some more localised information like weather warnings, which the app supplies for a number of European countries, but not Australia. Still, at just 20c, it may be worth adding to your app library for that European vacation you’ve always said you’ll go on. Check it out now in Google Play.

Weather - Meteored Pro News
Weather - Meteored Pro News
Developer: Meteored
Price: $7.99

Google Play Game Deal of the Week

AVP: Evolution
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This week we have AVP: Evolution which is a 3rd person combat game, which gives you the chance to play as either the Alien(s) or the Predator and either take each other, or some hapless colonists or colonial marines down.

The game is developed by Angry Mob Games for Fox, who own the Aliens Vs Predator movie franchise. While the movies aren’t much chop, the game actually looks pretty decent.

While the game looks fun, of course there’s in-app purchases with the ability to upgrade your character with weapons, abilities and armour. The prices range between $1.92 – $48.26 per item so be careful, but if you want to splurge you can purchase Facehugger Calls, Rage Rechargers, Net Guns, Proximity Mines, Thermal Vision, Alien Vision, Plasma Cannons and more – I mean what’s a Predator without predator vision?

The game looks like fun, and most freemium games can be fun even without purchasing the in-game items. Head over to Google Play Games and check it out now.

AVP: Evolution
AVP: Evolution

With a focus on Europe and missing features which local Australian developers have filled with some great Australian weather apps, Weather 14 Day just isn’t the best deal this week. Luckily my years of watching the Alien/Predator movies, reading the comics and books has meant I’m totally ready to get into AVP: Evolution. Grab it now from Google Play while you can.

If you’re fast, you can still grab last weeks deals of the week: Unified Remote and Epic War TD2 are still listed at 20c each so grab them while you can.

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