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Music lovers in Australia if you head to Google Play you may just be offered a chance to get a 75% discount on any album for sale in Google Play Music.

Google is offering some users the discount (I have it, but the wife doesn’t), with a large banner appearing on the main Google Play page. The discount is applied to any single album you purchase from the Google Play Store if you redeem it before the 5th of May.

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The offer is running in a number of countries including Australia, with the terms and conditions listing the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Great Britain, Germany, France, Russia, & Japan as being eligible as well.

There’s a bunch of albums that Google is suggesting on the landing page for the 75% off deal, but the discount is applied to any album you want to purchase so feel free to grab that classic album you’ve always wanted to grab.

To see if you’re eligible head across to Google Play and look for the banner.

Source: Google Play.
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    I got the 75% off one album, and 75% off one movie rental as well.


    Not in kiwi land again I guess..


    Yeah I got it too.

    Now the impossible question – which album to get?….


    I bought the Led Zeppelin complete studio albums collection. $19.75 instead of around $80.



    I decided on getting Michael Jackson’s Number Ones.