Viber is one of a plethora of free messaging clients, but one of only a handful that have major traction in the Aussie market. The truly cross platform software offers Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Mac and Windows desktop applications and the team are continually striving to improve the service offering for users. The update that came today for the Android App has brought two new privacy features into play; end-to-end encryption and hidden chats.

The encryption shouldn’t need much by way of explanation; your chats are protected from prying eyes from the moment you hit send until they appear on the screen at the other end. It’s at the other end that prying eyes can again make an ugly appearance, so the hidden chats play their part.

Of the update, the Viber team had this to say:

We also believe that protecting privacy isn’t synonymous with protecting private data from hackers in cyberspace, and are constantly exploring different ways to provide our users with more control over their communications. A lot of our users share tablets with their families, have personal chats while at work or plan surprises for loved ones and want to protect conversations from wandering eyes. For this reason, we’re proud to launch Hidden Chats today. This allows our users to hide specific chats from the main screen so no-one but the user knows they exist.


Of course there are individuals who have necessity for hiding chats because they have secrets to hide from people close to them versus those who simply wish to protect their privacy, but thats not for us to speculate on. Regardless of your motivation, the privacy improvements on the latest update to Viber has to be a welcome change for many users and will help their user base continue to grow.

What’s the next feature you want to see Viber add for users?

Source: Viber Blog.