Google Sheets

There are few things more exciting than a good spreadsheet, no seriously I love a good spreadsheet. Well if you agree the today’s Google Sheets update may just be up your alley.

As of today’s update you can now:

  • Add or change a Charts Title
  • Add or change the titles of a Chart’s X or Y axes
  • Change the color of a series in a chart
  • Specify where the chart’s legend should be located

That’s the long and short of it for now. In all seriousness for those attempting to get some real “productivity” done on Android, updates such as these go a long way to making the platform more user-friendly for multiple use scenarios.

Google has started rolling out the update, but it’s a staggered release over 3 days or more. Keep your eye on Google Play for update notifications.

What update to Google Sheets are you waiting on? Let us know in the comments

Google Sheets
Google Sheets
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