Google’s Gmail alternative, Inbox, is gaining some more features today, with Google adding a new ‘Save to Inbox’ feature and Chrome extension as well as new ‘events’ bundle and a quick view for links in newsletters.

First up, the Save to Inbox feature is a new way to save content to your email account. The fact is, we all do it, we send ourselves an email with a recipe, or a DIY project for viewing later, this new feature will let you share a link to Inbox – or you can always just email it from Gmail. Once you’ve shared the link to Inbox from Android (or iOS) you can then view all your saved links in a ‘Saved’ bundle similar to your Trips, Purchases, or Social bundles already in use in Inbox.

The Save to Inbox feature also comes to the desktop thanks to the new ‘Inbox by Gmail’ Chrome extension you can install from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, you simply click on the extension logo – the familiar Inbox envelope – and choose ‘Save to Inbox’. As with the Android/iOS function, you can also choose to email the page as a link through Gmail.

If you like Inbox’s bundles, then this new Events feature will certainly float your boat. The new Events feature is more a summary screen than a bundle, grabbing all those individual details about an event, like invitations details including location, time, date and who’s invited, as well as who’s accepted the invitation and displays it in one neat, well presented screen.


Lastly, if you subscribe to newsletters in your email, you may find this feature handy as well. Inbox will now scan your newsletters and roll up the included links you may want to click into a neat summary you can view in a preview.

The Chrome Extension is available now on the Chrome Web Store, the updates for Inbox will be coming to Google Play shortly, so keep an eye out for that update notification.

Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Gmail Blog.
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    Gregory Eden

    I like inbox but no longer use it. There is little access to settings so you have to go to GMail to do things like forwarding. It does not support group emails unless you jump through hoops. There is no txt file viewer. Every day I get a report that is a plain text file and I have to save it to downloads and then open it. The good features are overridden by the little gotchas. I tried hard and used it for a few months then just got sick of compensating for shortcomings. And the silly thing is all… Read more »


    I’m still uncertain about Inbox. Generally, it seems OK, but not a significant improvement over Gmail (for me), but I wish that Inbox properly supported Labels, as Gmail does, rather than treating those Labels as sub folders.


    I wish google would stop trying to make inbox work. It’s terrible, and of course the fear (for those of us who love gmail just the way it is) is that this will replace gmail at some point, and at that time I’m going to be looking for a new email service I think.

    Daniel Tyson

    I love it. Use it on my personal as well as my Ausdroid account. It works really well and I don’t miss stuff.

    Björn Rostron

    Yeah I love Inbox as well obviously for gmail as well as google apps for business account. I am loving cloudmagic for some of my other accounts though.


    I find it harder to go through my new email with Inbox. It seems to clump things together, and then they fall down the list. However, I love the instant viewing of attachments, and adding reminders to things. And I can always just click on the gmail button, and I’m back in gmail. 🙂

    …and I’m never going to use the “Save to Inbox” extension. I’ll just use Chromes built in History feature, or just email it manually if I know I won’t view it for a long time (which is very rarely).