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After unofficially trialling the software over the last couple of weeks, Samsung has officially announced a new app called Samsung Good Lock – an app that not only lets you customise the on-screen look and feel of your Galaxy smartphone, but also alters the way you use your lockscreen and notifications.

Samsung Good Lock has been designed for those users who like to be more hands on when it comes to truly personalising and customising their Galaxy devices’ look and interface.

Faster Access and Organise What You Need
With Samsung Good Lock, users are able to launch apps in an instant from the lockscreen with the App Tray feature and get up-to-date app information much more quickly compared to unlocking, then launching an app, as you do currently. Good Lock lets you swipe up from the bottom to access a list of your frequently used apps, and add or remove widgets from the lock screen by swiping down from the area below the clock.

In addition to this, Samsung have stated that you can also organise all your notifications directly from the lockscreen, you can save, categorise and get reminders. If you see a notification that you want, simply long press it to sort it into a category and save notifications using Keep, allowing you to check app alerts later, or touch the alarm button to set yourself a reminder.

Routine: Interfaces that Adapt to Your Environment

Routine allows you to customise your lockscreen layout, your App Tray, Lockscreen Widget, background colours and clock so your Galaxy device looks just the way you want, when you want. This then allows you in turn to fill your app tray with productivity-enabling apps during work hours, but then allow routine to switch to say entertainment-orientated apps after work or in the evening and then to pick a colour scheme the best represents these routines.

Other Exciting Features

Other features Samsung Good Lock provides for is Recents, which lets you scan through a list of recently used apps, and enjoy faster transition between your applications using the app icon.

You can also give your lock screen a facelift through Effects, which lets you adjust your wallpaper, add or adjust popping colors and highlight parts of the screen you want to make stand out.

There is also a Quick Settings which lets you make fast changes to your smartphone setting on the notification panel. If you want more, there is also tap on links that will take you to more advanced settings menus.

Samsung have stated in the press release that they are providing bi-weekly updates to Good Lock in response to user feedback and that during the launch, they have already made several improvements including adding options for NFC, Power Saving Mode, Smart View and Privacy Mode to the Quick Settings menu, supporting for more Routine colours and providing list- or card-type Recents.

And now here comes the big catch. Samsung Good Lock is only available from the Galaxy Apps store – sorry Google Play users – mainly because it’s only available to selected devices. The list of devices compatible with Good Lock include the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S6 Active and Galaxy Note5 (running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS). Good news for Aussies is that Good Lock is available to us, it’s also available to Galaxy users in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore and Korea.

Source: Samsung Newsroom.
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Jamie S

All we need now is for Samsung to push the MM update for the Note 5 in Australia.


And the Tab S line and the S6 line, etc…

Jamie S

Yep, those too.


I find it hard to keep Samsung products much more than 6 or 12 months because they just get out of date really quickly