Transport for NSW

NSW Minister for Roads, Duncan Gay, has announced he and Transport for NSW are calling on developers to help create new app solutions to replace paper learner driver log books.

The announcement came as part of the NSW Government and Transport for NSW’s two-day ‘Future Transport’ Summit in Sydney, which is being heralded by the hosting parties as a way to harness innovation and hear from the world’s brightest tech minds about new technologies and trends to improve transport in NSW.

Duncan Gay has said that paper learner log book system has been around now for well over 16 years and hasn’t changed all that much and its about time this changes and better reflects the changes in both technology and the way we have both embraced and used this disruptive technology to better our lives.

“The paper learner log book system has been around for 16 years. Ask any learner or parent – it’s time for the system to tap into new technology and move forward to the digital age,” Mr Gay said whilst stating that “The current archaic system needs to catch up with the world we live in.”

“We want to ensure learner drivers, supervisors and instructors can focus on the important task of acquiring the skills and experience to become safe drivers.”

Therefore starting today, Transport for NSW & the NSW Government will be calling on innovative start-up organisations to put together a creative pitch to transform learner log books.

The future app or apps will have to meet minimum and strict criteria, to digitally capture the information required in today’s paper based log books while hopefully reducing the need to manually work the calculations out within the contained current log books.

“By engaging the brightest technology minds we hope to see some out of the box solutions, providing the best possible new digital learner driver log book, while ensuring the safety of learner drivers is maintained,” Mr Gay said.

Transport for NSW along with the Roads and Maritime Service will work with the chosen start-ups to deliver the new apps later this year.

If you’re a developer and this sounds like something you would like to find out more about, you can head over to the Transport for NSW website contact us page to get in touch with the department.

Source: Transport for NSW - RMS App Press release.