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With Independence Day: Resurgence launching into theatres in June later this year, you can catch up on where it all began with the original movie now available to buy from Google Play Movies & TV for just 99c.

The movie is being offered as part of the ‘Most Popular Movies’ focus on the Play Store, which also features other great movies such as AntMan, Inside Out, Footrot Flats: The Dogs Tale and an absolute bunch more. Some are pretty well priced but for the most part they’re pretty much full priced. You can check out the focus on Google Play Movies right here.

It’s filled with cliches, it’s a typical 90’s action movie and it’s basically solved by uploading a computer virus to an alien computer system – but it’s so good. Independence Day was a great blockbuster and to get it for just 99c (89c if you’re a Google Play Music subscriber with their 10% discount). If you want to grab it, head over now.

Source: Google Play Movies and TV.
Thanks: @shaggs.
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    Great movie. Had to grab it with the ol’ survey credit.


    Note available in Kiwi land it appears.

    Björn Rostron


    Thanks 🙂