Google’s Android N developer preview is now in its second iteration, but only a little bit behind is Sony who have released an Android N developer preview for the Xperia Z3.

The Android N developer preview, normally restricted to Nexus devices, can be installed to the Xperia Z3 as an extension of their existing program which offers AOSP builds for Xperia handsets. Judging from the screenshot they used with the new style of folders they released in Android N Dev Preview 2, it’s a good indication this build is on the most current version.

The Android N developer preview for the Xperia Z3 includes Google Play Services, as well as all the Android N features you’ve come to know: Multi-window, Bundled and Direct Reply in notifications and a more efficient version of Doze.

  • Multi-window – This new multitasking feature lets users view two apps or Activities at the same time, with the system resizing them as needed to fit the device or tablet screen. All apps targeting Android N are resizeable unless they opt-out, so make sure your layouts and resources are optimized.
  • Bundled notifications – You can use the Notification.Builder.setGroup() method to group your app’s notifications together for easier scanning.
  • Direct reply notifications – Use the RemoteInput notification API to enable users to respond quickly to notifications, without leaving the notification shade.
  • Efficiency – Adapt your apps to use Doze to save even more power in Android N. There are also new behaviors in Project Svelte, aiming to reduce the memory needs of Android.

Sony has released the preview for the D6603 and D6653 versions of the Xperia Z3 and offers a guide on how to install the Android N developer preview using the Xperia Companion PC software on their Developer site. If you’re interested in checking out the preview you can read all about it and go from there.

Source: Sony.