It looks like we’re headed to a May 3 release date for HTC’s flagship 10 device this year, with exclusive details on pricing and availability making their way to us overnight. This puts HTC on roughly even footing with LG’s G5, which will also see availability from May 3 (or a day earlier if you head to Harvey Norman).

Further, we know that the recommended retail pricing for the HTC 10 will be around $1,080, which puts it approximately $100 less than Samsung’s Galaxy S7, and almost $200 less than the Galaxy S7 Edge.

I think many of us (and you) had hoped that HTC’s 10 might be a bit more affordable than this, but we have to be realistic here; given that LG’s G5 confirmed pricing is at the $1,099 mark, and it is substantially the same hardware and internals as the HTC 10, the comparable pricing really shouldn’t come as a surprise.

What we do expect is to see some pricing competition between the major carriers; we know the HTC 10 will be sold by all three major carriers, and there’s likely to be a bit of interplay between them to ensure they snare more customers than the other.

We don’t have specific plans or offers from carriers yet, but we expect to see those sometime in the next week or so. As soon as we’ve got the details, we’ll round them up for you.

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Wonder if they will support this as much as the m9 in Australia? Still waiting on marshmallow. At least the m8 has marshmellow. Don’t feel neglected at all.


If Kogan get a hold these, we will see better prices.

caleb long

Is this 64gb or 32gb???

Daniel Tyson



32gb. There aren’t any other variants coming here.


Far too much, yet again.

It wouldn’t have killed them to bring it in for three figures, particularly since they need volume.

Only real question is if the new Nexus can save the day and be a little more realistic for most users.


Majority of sales would be on-contract, so I don’t think outright pricing is too detrimental to them.

HTC would want most sales through contacts. They get there sale and strengthen their relationship with carriers who would be willing to carry the HTC 11 next year.

It all depends on how well this phone sells for them.


Damn quite hefty pricing but not unexpected. I’ll see what grey markets price it at.

This is the only flagship that has interested me this year.

Ausdroid, do you know what colours will be available in Australia and which carriers will have what colours?


Android phone prices fall down anyway, but Man, If i was spending $1000+ on a phone, I would expect fast updates (not months after) and strong support, but Android OEMS seem to stop after 2 years or so (In fact HTC only guarantees updates for up to 2 years). Maybe I’ll just wait for the next nexus

vijay alapati

Lol…why would you compares7 price with htc10, they are different even the specs are same, samsung has local stores where most of the software and hardware problems can be fixed asap, unlike lg and Htc. I would pay extra bucks for such service.


Not everyone has $1299 to spend on a flagship phone, and not everyone wants a Samsung anyway. It’s a valid comparison, for one, because they’re virtually identical in most hardware specs, and two, because they’re flagship phones that are naturally comparable. So, yes, the HTC 10 is quite a bit cheaper, and some could argue, a better phone too.

vijay alapati

I’m taking abt s7 which is 1148 ……..even s7 edge is 1249… in samsung website, but ur mentioned price 1299….This shows how much you are misleading….. Lol


1249, 1299, it’s a typo, and not a significant one. HTC’s phone is still, as the article says, almost $200 cheaper than Samsung’s S7 Edge, and still a little cheaper than the standard S7 too. Not everyone likes Samsung, but you clearly do, and that’s fine.

vijay alapati

Yes, i like samsung, but i don’t mislead others, you still didn’t update your your article regarding price difference, well now i see how misleads.


I’m not misleading anyone. The difference between $1249 and $1080 is ‘almost’ $200, and the difference between $1080 and $1149 ‘almost’ $100 as well. The article is clear. The only thing that’s taken it off course — as usual — is your ‘wonderful’ commenting. Keep it going, and we’ll invite you to no longer participate.

vijay alapati

Nice to see u deleted my comment regarding original price of samsung s7and edge….. Way to go


I’m now banning you too.


Where are their local stores? They have a Samsung Experience store in Melbourne and Sydney. It’s not like they have one on every street corner as you seem to be implying which would make paying a premium for the so called perceived ‘convenience’. In terms of comparison, I’d compare handsets from the ‘top tier’ manufacturers as was done here – Samsung is the most expensive Android handset on the market so it’s giving a comparison point. HTC was once at opt tier manufacturer, though their recent phones haven’t been up to snuff, dropping them to second tier manufacturer status really.… Read more »

Adam J

I think LG really needed to get the G5 under $1000 given the value-add (‘additional spend’) nature of the Friends.

I think HTC have done a good job launching the 10 and I’m looking forward to the ‘interplay’ between the carriers and retailers in bringing down the price.