What a week. Launches, Google News and a heap of deals to watch. There’s a lot to check out, so let’s get into it.


Money, Money, Money $$$
GoogleAlphabet announced their financial results – summary: They made a lot of money, but didn’t meet analysts expectations. You can read a more thorough run down here.

Travellers, Ahoy!
Google is about to launch a new app which will be aimed at the travellers out there. Invitations to take part in a field test of a new app were sent to Google Local Guides level 2 and above, inviting them to take a survey to be considered for the trial.

Google I/O
Google’s annual developer conference will kick off in under a month, this year being held back where it all began at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View from May 18-20. Google this week released their schedule of sessions for the event, and it looks like VR is going to be big this year. There’s a bunch of sessions being held across 10 stages with fireside chats, deep dives and even a new awards show called the ‘Google Play Awards’ with apps in 10 categories up for an award.

Keep it real!
Google released some new features for Google Keep on Android (and that other fruit related mobile OS) as well as a new Chrome Extension. The update brings new hashtag sorting, sharing functions and of course a Chrome Extension to make using it on desktop a little easier.

Inbox it
We save stuff to our inbox all the time, Google has now formalised it with an update to Inbox for Android as well as a new Chrome Extension which shares links to Inbox more easily. You also get a specific ‘Saved to Inbox’ bundle which shows all the links you’ve saved to Inbox.

Google Play Podcasts?
After a 6-month wait, Google finally released Podcasts into Google Play Music. The release is only for people in the US and Canada, or for anyone who does a search for a podcast in the Google App…at least those podcasts listed in Google Play Music.

Are you on the list? Security get them outta here
Google released their Android security report – we’re more secure than ever, just don’t download apps from outside Google Play and you’ll be fine.


LG G5 and Friends
This week we finally got an idea of LG’s launch plans for the LG G5 and Friends in Australia, with the phone and friends set to launch at the start of May. If you’re interested in the phone, we covered the details of the launch and Chris wrote up his first impressions of both the phone and the LG 360 CAM — which we quietly think is going to be one of the hottest accessories this year. Finally, we ended up with a bit of a leak of Telstra’s contract plans for the phone.

HTC 10 pricing
HTC has announced the phone for the Australian market, we have a handset being reviewed and initial impressions are good. What HTC hasn’t done as yet is announce when and how much. We got a bit of a leak this week which gives us some insight to how much you’ll pay and when you’ll be able to get one yourself, check it out.

Telstra Signature Series
Telstra will be launching a new, more premium style of Telstra branded handset this week. The carrier has launched a number of low-cost solutions, but are headed upmarket with what appears to be a re-branded HTC One A9. You can read all about it here.

Is it kidproof?
Alcatel announced their GoPlay handset, which is set to survive your life by being both water/dust and lifeproof. It’s $299 and available in 5 bright and vibrant colours. We all need something that will survive lifes little accidents.

It’s all 360 baby!
Will the Samsung Gear 360 camera launch on May 22nd? Well, it may in Europe, at least that’s what one retailer is saying in the Netherlands. It’ll be cheaper than the €419 price tag they initially put on it, with the Samsung Netherlands site listing the price as €349.99 or a shade over $500AUD. When it will launch here is anyones guess still.


Pay on the Go
NSW Transport updated their much maligned Opal app so you can now top up your credit on the go without having to go to a mobile web browser. It’s a good update to a service that desperately needed it.


Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!!
Well, it’s American-centric, but it’s a pretty good film and Google has reduced the price to buy it in HD to just 99c on Google Play Movies and TV, so grab it while it’s hot.

Free Movies? Snacks? Yes Please!
Kelloggs is about to start a promotion giving you a HD Movie you can redeem from Google Play Movies. Simply buy any three specially marked packs, redeem the codes you find inside and you can grab a movie from a list of 30 from Google Play Movies.

20c each? I`ll take two
Google’s App and Game Deal of the Week are now live, with Weather 14 Days ad-free and AVP: Evolution. The Weather app is quite focused on Europe so probably not worth it, but heck it’s only 20c, may as well, but AVP: Evolution which lets you fight as an Alien or a Predator is definitely worth it.