Many of us in Australia have the day (or at least the morning) away from the office today in observance of the ANZAC Day public holiday. Many will have attended the various dawn services this morning, though probably many more of us didn’t. Hopefully those that didn’t at least spared a thought for those who’ve served, and who still serve, our nation.

Today also represents an opportunity to get some things done around the place. The move to Ausdroid’s new hosting environment and new design has presented some opportunities, but a number of challenges. Implementing the design didn’t take too long, but there’s things we use less frequently that took a bit longer to get working. Over the weekend, we’ve fixed our WhistleOut integration so that you’ll see carrier offers alongside stories about popular handsets. You can see an example on this story about Samsung’s Galaxy S7, or when viewing device archives.

You’re probably wondering — device archives? What are those? Like any blog or news site, we categorise our content to make it easier to discover. Do you want to know more about LG’s G5? What about HTC 10? You can read all our stories relating to those devices. The links are easy to find — they’re in the header of any other story on the topic:

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.20.28 AM

Anyway, that’s enough about the behind-the-scenes stuff I’ve been working on. Let’s look at what’s making waves at the moment:

  • We’ve got HTC’s 10 and LG’s G5 in the review lab at the moment. Expect to hear something on those this week or early next.
  • Huawei will be running a local launch for the P9 soon. We’re heading to the launch and we’ll bring you the local details when we’ve got them.
  • The Lizzies are coming up, where Ausdroid is nominated in a number of (other) categories as well, so hopefully we’ll be able to build on last year’s success. I’m also on the judging panel this year, but not for any categories where Ausdroid’s nominated. I’m on best audio programs.
  • Dan’s getting ready for Google I/O. I mean, it’s still a few weeks away, but he’s definitely getting excited for it.
  • We’re hoping to hear more this week about carrier pricing for the LG G5 and HTC 10. Telstra might confirm the leaked details, too.
  • Ausdroid’s Podcast, which has been on hiatus for a little while, should be back this week or next, with a 2016 Flagship Special.

That’s what’s making news around here for the moment. We don’t have a site purely about electric cars to announce, but we’d certainly like to! In the meantime, go read TeslaCentral from the guys behind Android Central. There’s some interesting content there if you’re into electric cars.

If you’re not, and into doomsday reading, go read this article from the New Yorker on the next big earthquake. It makes for some scary reading, particularly if you live in (or are visiting) the US Pacific North West. It’s not a new story (it’s from last year), but it was recently highlighted to me.

We’re not expecting a lot in news today, but we’ll be back at it tomorrow.