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The long awaited launch of the HTC 10 is underway finally, with Virgin Mobile first off the blocks announcing pre-orders are now open for the handset on the Virgin Mobile website.

Virgin Mobile is offering the HTC 10 in Silver, with 24-month plans starting at $59 per month ($30 Plan + $29 handset repayment), and going all the way up to $130 per month ($0 handset repayment). Virgin Mobile offers Data Rollover on their plans, meaning you can pass unused data from one month to the next if you have any left over, new customers porting in are also eligible for bonus data until the 4th of May.
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Virgin Mobile is also offering a bonus of $20 off to some customers using the website, with a pop-up offering to apply a $20 credit to your 2nd or 3rd bill – thanks!
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Virgin Mobile is a subsidiary of Optus, who will also be offering the HTC 10, who supplies the Virgin Mobile 4G network. You can check out the coverage of the Virgin/Optus network on their website.

Jason had a quick look at the HTC 10 and wrote out his initial thoughts down after a brief hands-on and after a longer period of time, I can concur with his thoughts as well as adding that the battery life is excellent.

Pre-orders will begin shipping on the 3rd of May, and can be pre-ordered from the Virgin Mobile website or from Virgin Mobile on 13 63 69.

Source: Virgin Mobile.
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Shakeel Ali

May 3rd, pricing is pretty much lineball with Optus and Vodafone, but still a little cheaper than Telstra S7 plans.


Impatiently awaiting Telstra’s announcement.


Is the SOT of 6hrs normal usage or had you disabled functions to get the best result?

Shakeel Ali

That sort of battery life from a 3000mah better is stellar!

Phill Edwards

Good news about the battery life. Can’t decide between this and S7 Edge.