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We’re living in a time where short attention spans rule, with video viewing dominated by ‘snackable’ videos that grab attention and deliver a message in a shot span. To capitalise on this, Google has today introduced new non-skippable, 6-second ads for YouTube called ‘Bumper’ ads.

Google sees a lot of possibilities for Bumper ads, describing them as ‘little haikus of video ads’, though they’re hoping the creative community can expand on that idea. They’ve suggested that serialised content would be a great way to go, possibly cutting up larger commercials into more snackable sizes.

We’re already used to skipping ads after 5-seconds on the front of YouTube videos, so forcing an ad-maker to design a more compelling commercial in 6-seconds could be a bonus.

Bumper videos will become available to AdWords partners starting next month, so keep an eye out for your first Bumper ad on YouTube soon after.

Source: AdWords.
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    Hurry up and release YouTube Red already.. ffs.


    ‘little haikus of video ads’

    Little visual pukes of annoyance, more like. Can it be long before they put a second display on a phone, purely to hold a continuous tickertape of ads? How about a tax on each and every advert shown, scaled with the number of views – that’s a new tax I could get behind.


    Geez you’re a lot of fun.

    Ryan Czerwinski

    So you buy premium for every service that you use that you complain about ads then? Or do you like the “free” services like Google and Facebook and the rest? Guess what: the creators get money from ads, and nowhere else. So unless you prefer your favorite video makers to go bankrupt and live in the streets why not accept that you can watch a 6 second ad, save your money, and send money to the people making the videos you watch?