With just under a week to go until the Australian release of the HTC 10, it’s time for carriers and retailers to show their hand with pre-order prices and plans.

First things first: we were close. On Saturday we reported a retail price of $1,080 for the HTC 10. HTC’s official announcement reveals that the RRP for the HTC 10 is $1,099.

Further, we’ll see the phone’s Carbon Grey and Glacial Silver variants offered in Australian stores, except for Optus and Virgin Mobile who’ll only be offering Glacial Silver. Both are attractive choices!


Like many 2016 flagships, the phone’s RRP is pretty high. If you’re after a HTC 10 and you’re happy with your carrier, consider signing up for a new contract – you might find you’ll get the phone at a substantial discount, as the carriers’ handset repayments often don’t add up to the retail price of a phone these days.

We don’t have full details from carriers for HTC 10 plans yet, but we’ll be adding more information as it comes to hand.


HTC’s press release calls out Telstra’s Go Mobile $95 plan with 6GB of data each month, on top of which you’ll add $2/month for handset repayments. Unsurprisingly, that’s a two year contract. There’s no specific pre-order page up yet, but Telstra’s general purpose Keep Informed page has a checkbox to tell them you’re interested in HTC phones. Telstra will offer both Carbon Grey and Glacial Silver.


You can pre-order now at Optus. They’re only offering the phone in Glacial Silver. HTC suggests Optus’ $80 plan with $7/month handset repayments, again with 6GB of data included each month.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin pipped everyone by announcing its pricing yesterday. The phone will set you back an extra $7/month in handset repayments on a $70 plan, for which you’ll currently get 6GB of data plus an online 1GB bonus. Again, Glacial Silver only.


Vodafone’s pre-order page is up and running. Their 6GB plan is currently $80/month, but there’s an extra 1GB bonus data on offer at the moment if you sign up online. On that plan, you’ll pay $5/month for the HTC 10. It’s available in both Carbon Grey and Glacial Silver.


JB Hi-fi

JB Hi-fi will offer both Carbon Grey and Glacial Silver versions of the HTC 10 for the $1,099 RRP. The phone isn’t live on the website yet.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman’s got both Carbon Grey and Glacial Silver versions of the phone on its website already, at the $1,099 RRP.

Got more information on HTC 10 pricing at other outlets? Send us a tip!

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bruce wayne

Is the Gold version of the HTC 10 gonna be released anywhere for outright???

Phill Edwards

When is the detailed review coming?


Once Dan’s had time to write it. He’s had the phone for just on a week, and I know he was working on the review today. Hoping to have it up for you all within a few days at this stage. LG G5 review probably far behind that.


Anyone know when Telstra’s pricing will go live? I want to order through Telstra.

Daniel Tyson

Orders will go live on the 3rd of May. No pre-orders through Telstra unfortunately


OK thanks for that. May 3 it is.


I will never buy/go on a plan for new Android devices. just too expensive and the resale value is just not there even for Samsung. But they are very attractive on the 2nd-hand market


C’mon Telstra, gimme more info!

Daniel Tyson

Telstra advised they will be putting the phone on-sale on the 3rd of May. No pricing beyond that unfortunately.


Ahh, awesome. Telstra emailed out one of their KIT newsletters yesterday, but no mention of the HTC 10 in it. So the phone will be available in stores on the 3rd May? I will have to make a note to pick one up and renew my contract. Thanks Daniel!


Only silver on Virgin? I’ve been with them for years but I want the gray HTC 10. Damn.


If I was getting the 10, I’d want the black front with the silver back, but I believe that’s only available directly from HTC. HTC in the US will send to Australia, however.


Cheers mate. I just signed up with Vodafone and ordered the grey one, it has a black front with grey back.


$1,100 for a phone. I don’t know how anyone could justify spending that much. For a start, you can grab one on eBay for $900 already, so that shows how much of a markup there is for JB. The LG G5 is already down to $800 on eBay.


I think the pricing is relatively on par with where it should be, the S7 (non edge) is still sitting at $1148 at Harvey Norman, which is both an older phone and more expensive than the HTC 10. The LG G5 is priced at $1099 at Harvey Norman also. All 3 are flagship phones, so they have flagship prices.


That’s not how the world works. How much margin do you think JB and Harvey Norman are making?


An Australian phone with the correct wall plug, radio frequencies, and warranty?