Google IO 2016

Ever since Google IO 2016 was announced and we discovered that it was not going to be held at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco but rather at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, right across the road from the Googleplex, we’ve been intrigued as to how it will be set up. Well, now the mystery is revealed, in part at least.

Google have used the MyMaps feature of Google maps to make a customised map of Shoreline showing the layout for IO.

As some have been predicting it looks like Google is going to convert a large section of the car park at the Shoreline into a set of stages, 10 to be precise, and Google apparently thinks there’ll be plenty of ‘space’. Excuse the pun, but with all 10 stages being named after constellations I had no choice. Attendees will be able to access 10 stages, 13 Demo Zones or the code labs spread out in the 4 zones that have designated.

Fancy a trip from Cassiopeia to Virgo, well at Google IO it’s only a short walk.

There are still a lot of logistic questions remaining about the conference, how will people get there and back, will there be a fleet of self-driving cars ferrying people all over the countryside?

The three day developer conference will run from the 18th of May until the 20th, with a 2 hour keynote planned for the 18th of May starting at 10am (3am AEST for us here at home). Ausdroid’s Editor in Chief, Dan Tyson will again be there on the ground for Google IO in Mountain View, so we will be bringing these answers and more, live throughout the conference.

Why do you think Google moved IO to the Shoreline this year? Let us know your theory below.

Source: Google.
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Jerry Hildenbrand

I will find Dan at I/O so I can stroke his glorious beard.

Daniel Tyson

Heh, the beard has been tamed since last we met. You have the undisputed best beard in Android once again sir. Looking forward to seeing you again.


Jerry Hildenbrand reading one of my posts!! Where’s that bucket list……. tick.