amaysim_Pay It Forward Day
Today is ‘Pay it Forward day’, a day where you can pay it forward to someone who needs it. This year, Amaysim wants you to pay it forward buy buying a coffee for a charity worker who pays it forward every day.

Partnering with coffee app ‘Hey You‘, formerly known as Beat the Q, an app which allows you to order ahead and therefore beat the queue at participating cafes, the idea is that you can pre-buy a coffee from within the app and it will be passed to a deserving person. Pay it forward day is all about performing random acts of kindness, like getting the next person in lines meal, or paying for someone’s cup of coffee.

The coffee you ‘pay forward’ will be donated to a charity worker from a number of great organisations, including Variety, Oz Harverst, Barnardos Australia, Humpty Dumpty, FoodBank, Red Kite or Open Family. Coffee trucks will visit these charities to deliver coffees to deliver “a cup of kindness”.

Buying a cup of coffee for a charity worker will cost you a measly $3.50, for a lot of Australian’s that’s literally pocket change, but for some it’s a big deal and if you can afford it, it’s a nice gesture to say thanks for their often unappreciated work.

While it’s a small amount, if you do pay it forward, Amaysim is going to reward the first 2,000 people who donate a cup of coffee with $5 of Amaysim credit – if you’re an Amaysim customer you’ll get $5 off your next bill. But even if you’re late to the party, and don’t get the $5 credit, paying for someone else’s coffee is still a good idea.

You can download the Hey You app for free from Google Play, sign in and the option to pay for a coffee is front and centre there in the app.

The ability to donate a cup of coffee through the app will be open until midnight tonight. It’s well worth checking out.

Hey You by Beat the Q
Hey You by Beat the Q
Developer: Hey You
Price: Free
Source: Amaysim.
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    Phill Edwards

    Good idea, but really badly done. I thought I’d give it a go so downloaded 26MB app and installed it. To buy someone a coffee you have to register which I didn’t want to do as I’ll never use the app again. So I tried logging in with my google account but the app wants access to everyone in my circles both now and in the future. What! Just to buy someone a coffee? So I gave up. Sorry charity workers but sometimes developers just make things all too hard.


    Just jumped on and bought one.