The Google developed and Asus/TP-Link built OnHub series of routers are fairly basic in terms of functionality but they’re designed to be upgraded for use with Google’s Internet of Things platform…at least eventually. A step in the right direction for basic home automation at least is the introduction of a new IFTTT channel to support the OnHub.

The OnHub Channel has launched on IFTTT (If This, Then That) an automation website which lets you cook up basic recipes that are triggered by certain actions. The actions include switching on items like your Hue lights, WeMo switches, or your Next DropCam just by having your phone connect to the router when you walk in the door. There’s literally hundreds of things to do with the OnHub IFTTT channel.

Of course our biggest barrier to entry in using OnHub is the lack of availability here in Australia. Using a shipping forwarder, an OnHub will cost you around the $400 mark to get to your doorstep, a far more expensive option than simply buying a top of the line modem/router off the shelf here in Australia for around $300.

The OnHub looks neat, it’s got some redeeming features but overall, it’s not enough to warrant that sort of effort, but if Asus/TP-Link or Google decides to release them here, they’re worth a look. IFTTT is worth a look though, so head over to their website or check out their range of apps on Google Play if you haven’t used it before and check it out.

Source: IFTTT.
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    Dean Rosolen

    Someone get onto Google/ASUS/TP-Link and find out if/when the OnHub will become available in Australia.

    Daniel Tyson

    Been there, done that. “We have nothing to announce at this time”.

    Dean Rosolen

    I think the real sticking point is that it requires an app to set it up as opposed to using a browser-based interface. With the app (as with most Google apps) not being available on Windows devices, it leaves a class of users out in the cold.