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Gif sharing has become a big part of the internet, but quite frankly some of them can be overly large or cumbersome. Gfycat (pronounced “jiffy-cat”) is a website launched in 2013 which was designed to make GIFs easy to find and share, with the bonus that they’re smaller in size – up to 10x smaller than actual GIFs – and now they have an official Android app.

Gfycat (GIF Format Yoker and cat for the unix program used to dump the file contents) is a lot higher quality than normal GIFs, it can use Millions of colours as opposed to hundreds and you can stream them , they’re also available in multiple formats. In short, Gfycat ‘GIFs’ look great and are easy and universal to use.

The Gfycat app simply lets you do this on mobile. The app will let you find an awesome GIF to share, from any one of 20 million GIFs on hand, or create your own from your devices camera. The camera can capture either a 2 second burst or a longer 15 second video GIF. You can also create one from a video you have saved, with an option to apply a range of filters to the image. There’s editing tools to cut it any which way you want, add text or crop it and then you can share it essentially anywhere.

As you can see the app has been carefully designed for Android with Material Design all over it, from the slide-out Nav drawer to the Floating Action Button you can hit to create your own GIFs from the camera. You can sign in, or create an account from within the app which then links your saved GIFs, you can use an email address or Facebook sign-in but not Google login unfortunately, but still, it’s good.

The app is definitely available in Australia, but it looks like people in the US don’t have access as yet. For any of our US visitors, you can download the APK from here:

Gfycat GIFs automatically loop and play over and over again. They’re pretty cool and the app is available now for free, so you can grab it now from Google Play and start creating and sharing GIFs.

Source: Google Play.
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    Why mention only US? I am from Europe, can I still download the apk or am I not allowed?


    Sachin Bahal

    You guys should send the apk over to the guys at APK Mirror (the sister site to Android Police)


    Yeah, they should totally send the site traffic to the competitiion….

    You realise sites survive on ad revenue from page views dont you?