Fingerprint sensors are all the rage at the moment, but LG’s Innotek division has developed a new take on the sensor which has until now been mounted on the front, back or side of our phones and tablets. LG is putting the fingerprint under the glass on the front of your device.

The under glass fingerprint sensor module sits under the glass in a 0.3mm slot cut from underneath the glass panel, with the sensor fully enclosed. Mounting the sensor under the glass takes one more ‘open’ port on the phone, allowing for more waterproof or protected devices.

Despite being located under the glass, LG says the sensor is quite accurate with a 0.002% False Acceptance Rate (FAR).

Fingerprint sensor technology is pushing ahead quite quickly these days with Android introducing APIs for fingerprint sensors in Android 6.0. The introduction of fingerprint sensors on phones is progressing quickly with market research firm, IHS, reporting that approximately 499 million fingerprint sensors were sold globally in 2015 and they expect the number sold to increase to 1600 million units in 2020.

No information was released on when we will see these new style sensors in LG or other brands of phones, but it’s an interesting development.

Via: AndroidCentral.
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