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Vodafone has today announced a new way of selling their pre-paid mobile service to customers, with a customisable service called MyMix which lets customers opt to include different combinations of local or international voice calls, data and expiry dates.

The new pre-paid plans are designed to be customisable to integrate with what you want from your pre-paid service. Want a lot of data but not much in the way of voice calls? Or the other way round? You can do that.

Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer Loo Fun Chee said

Australians have never been closer to finding the perfect smartphone plan. Customers pick their inclusions and how long they want their expiry to last using an intuitive interface within the MyVodafone application.

Using the MyMix tool on the Vodafone website, you can select an expiry from between 7 to 90 days, and from 500MB to 12GB of data. Voice calls can include either infinite or 120 minutes for calls within Australia and from none, through to 300 minutes for international calls.
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If all this sounds familiar, Yatango used to offer a similar option to their customers before they suffered some majorly disastrous changes last year.

The new options are similar but a little better than the existing pre-paid options. For example, their $30 pre-paid plan with a 28 Day expiry includes 3GB of data (after a double data promotion doubles the usual inclusion of 1.5GB of data) and has infinite national calls and text. There’s also $40 and $50 plans in their pre-paid plans, which have double data until the 31st of May.

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The equivalent MyMix plan with infinite txt and voice nationally is $35 but has 3.5GB of data, though this is a bit misleading as the 3.5GB will drop to 2GB after an initial intro period which also ends on the 31st of May.

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As usual if you’re thinking about changing to a new mobile plan, you should check out the critical information summary and mobile network the coverage map before making the leap.

If you want to play with the MyMix tool, it’s live over on the Vodafone website now.

Source: Vodafone.
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Don’t know how you guys there in Oz can call a month 28 days..

Daniel Tyson

Seems the norm these days. It sucks.


Kind of demonstrates how screwed up the ‘expiry’ limits are. Same data, calls, etc., so exactly the same actual service provision, and just change the expiry time and the cost varies widely. If I were using 3.5GB over 7 days or 90 days, the cost should be close to the same – but nope.

Mobile phone industry needs active regulation to stop the gouging of users.