Nexus 6P

It’s a new month (how is it May already?) and that means it’s time for Google to have released a new Security Update for the Android platform, with new factory images for the latest Nexus devices in tow. As is usual, these changes primarily relate to bug fixes and security patches rather than any new or exciting features, but we have seen things snuck into these releases before.

For those who want the full low-down on what exactly has been fixed, the security vulnerability summary from Google’s Android Security Bulletin should give you the information that you need. If its new Nexus factory images that you’re after, these have been uploaded to the Nexus factory images site. If you’re not minded to download and install a full factory image, keep an eye out for an OTA (over the air) update in the next week or so.

These security fixes have been provided to other Android manufacturers as well, which should mean we’ll see security updates released for other popular Android devices in the next few weeks as well … touch wood.

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Anyone received this OTA update yet? If so which carrier.


Nexus 6, last week on Telstra 🙂


Do I need to root my Nexus 6P if I want to install a new factory image?

Dean Rosolen

No you don’t.


Thanks for the information, Dean. I am very tempted to give it a try but my N6P is my work phone so I might just hold off. Thanks again.