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With the HTC 10 now officially on sale, we finally have confirmed details of Telstra’s pricing to go along with other carrier announcements. Telstra’s pricing isn’t too bad, but equally, it could be a little better; in fact, most of the carrier pricing is a few dollars a month too high for a phone with an RRP lower than the Samsung Galaxy S7.

In any event, if you’re looking to get on a plan with Telstra, their advertised plans for the HTC 10 are as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.55.31 PM

Of course, if you’re interested in comparing the plans on offer for the HTC 10, across a number of carriers, why not try out our handy plan comparison tool, powered by WhistleOut (though we note that Telstra’s plans aren’t loaded, yet):

[showhide what=’HTC 10 pricing plans’][wpd stub=htc-10 key=PlanListWidgetHtml][/showhide]


For full details, check out the full plan comparison website where you can find the best plan for your needs, including the data and inclusions that are important to you. Telstra’s plans should be loaded up soon, so check back and you’ll be able to check the whole lot.

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Just got mine from Telstra store Brisbane CBD.

Carbon grey model – LOVE IT. Fantastic build, screen & speakers. It’s lightning quick and very very clean on the UI.

Happy to hold on to this for the life of the contract.


Picked mine up today, what a gorgeous device! The Telstra store that I visited only had the Silver/White (Nimbus Cloud) colour variant, I’m not sure if this is a Telstra wide thing or if this particular store just didn’t have stock.


Another cool note, it supports VoLTE on Telstra.


Nah must be that store. Brisbane CBD has carbon grey where I got mine.