Optus announced they had wrested the exclusive distribution rights for the English Premier League (EPL), away from Foxtel late last year, before teasing the new format of distribution in March. Today they’ve unveiled their plans for pricing for customers wanting to view the EPL and, well, it’s expensive.

The bare bones of the deal is that you’ll have to have an eligible postpaid mobile, mobile broadband, or home broadband plan to get the EPL, sorry pre-paid customers. The coverage will cost $15 per month, or be included for free if your plan is $85 per month and over.

There will be a dedicated website to stream the EPL through, but only 4 devices, as in tablets or mobiles, can be used to stream the EPL. Optus says you can stream as much as you like as the data for the streams are not counted against your data allowance – but strangely data used to gather analytics, advertisements, and authentication all count against your data cap…that’s right, you have to use your data to be advertised to.

The coverage will be fairly comprehensive with Optus broadcasting up to 380 EPL games live across 9 sub-channels in the 2016/17 season. There will also be complimentary coverage including news, analysis and more offered on the Optus channels.

Fans interested in pre-ordering the EPL coverage from Optus will have the opportunity to do so from the 15th of May. For more information you can check out the mobile and mobile broadband plans here, or their Home Broadband plans here.

Source: Optus.
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    TheBagging Man

    Looks like the free game on SBS it is.


    Also note that they have removed a whole bunch of broadband plans from their site in the last few weeks. I was looking at unlimited broadband with Fetch for $95 (would have included the EPL based on the the $85+ criteria) but now that plan is $110! On their FB page, they are talking about how exciting it will be to watch games on your mobile. They seem deadly serious about it too. On your f**king phone!! I bought a big HD TV in part to be able to watch big sports in HD. Not so I can leave it… Read more »


    Well I don’t have Optus anything. This is a kick in the nuts. -_-

    Björn Rostron

    Pretty fucked if you’re not a post-paid Optus customer. I’ve got a prepaid data sim on Optus, though I don’t know if I can justify moving to optus purely for EPL.

    Had hoped they would have something for prepaid customers but alas.


    Nothing for prepaid? Ffs


    prepaid got free music streaming… plenty of post paid would appreciate that.