Good news everyone. Google Play Movies will now play content with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound on Android TV & Roku devices.

The announcement was made on the Google Play Twitter account, with scant other details:

Most movies on Google Play Movies do actually support 5.1 Surround Sound, the newer Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound means a better sound. Regarding the ‘Plus’ in Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby says:

As implemented in Blu-ray Disc, Dolby Digital Plus features more channels (up to 7.1 channels), less compression, and higher data rates for a warmer, richer, more compelling audio experience than is possible from standard-definition DVDs. Dolby Digital Plus content when encoded at higher bit rates has been described by some reviewers as being “virtually transparent” to the
original source.

At the same time, the advanced coding efficiencies of Dolby Digital Plus enable content producers to deliver high-resolution multichannel soundtracks at lower bit rates than with Dolby Digital.

The new functionality should be live, but we’re waiting on more details from Google. Until then, head over to Google Play Movies on your AndroidTV box and see if you can tell the difference.

Source: @GooglePlay.